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A Day On Melrose Ave With ONSOMESHIT & Round Two

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The Piff crew flew into LA ahead of Complexcon this weekend, and couldn't pass up the chance to spend some time on Melrose Ave, one of the most legendary blocks in all of street culture.  Over the years, Melrose has became a must-visit destination for any street culture nut. Its proximity to Fairfax Avenue, diverse selection of shops both old and new, and colorful characters give it a flavor like none other, and a day spent on Melrose is bound to be one full of memories and experiences.  We were with our good homie Cooper from Sweets Kendamas, and he...

Taking It Back: Supreme in '90s Pop Culture

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You can’t look anywhere in 2017 without seeing something Supreme, no matter if you’re cruising around the streets or surfing the Internet. What started as a small New York skate shop has grown to become one of the most ubiquitous brands in the world since their founding in 1994. The brand’s massive success begets its humble beginnings and early cult status, and some forget that in the mid '90s it was a brand for those truly “in the know,” like downtown NY skaters, cool kids and savvy Japanese tourists. However, before the legendary collabs with brands like Nike, Lacoste, Coca-Cola...

Fall Festival Block Party 2017 Photo Recap

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Last Saturday, we threw our second annual Fall Festival block party on our home street, Como Avenue. From fresh gear and kicks to DJ's spinning all afternoon, kendamas, yoga, and glassblowing there was something for everyone ... and it was an afternoon for the history books, full of good vibes and good people from start to finish. Here's a photo recap of everything that went down at the event, shot by our own Juice Johnson.  We'd like to give all the DJ's, vendors, and attendees a sincere "thank you" for coming out to the block party. The community makes the...

INTERLUDES 001: Drelli - "I Make Swag Bop"

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  When it comes to Minneapolis artists, Drelli is a name that holds a lot of weight. The youngest signee to So Cold Records, he embarks on a nationwide, 12-city tour with labelmates Allan Kingdom and Finding Novyon on July 7th. PIFF sat down with Drelli recently to find out more about his start in music, creative process, inspirations, and more.   PIFF: Drelli, could you introduce yourself to people who aren’t familiar with you or what you do?  Hi, my name is Drelli. I’m an artist from Minneapolis, and I rap.   How did you get started in music? ...

Reading Material: 5 Great Street Culture Magazines That Belong On Your Bookshelf

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As long as street culture has been around, there have been artists who set out to document it. Some chose photography as their medium of communication. Some chose video. And some chose the written word.  Before the Internet was a thing and blogs like this one were all the rage, there were magazines. Most started from humble beginnings documenting a local scene, and some transcended that local scene and became authorities on any and all things related to the culture. Those magazines, and pride themselves on high-quality, well thought-out words and photographs. You can learn a lot about what's going...