RAW: Natural Born Artist Recap

RAW: Natural Born Artist Recap

RAW: Natural Born Artists is a showcase for artists from all walks of life. In their Minneapolis showcase they hosted artists from hip-hop, R&B, photography, visual art, makeup, hair style, fashion, performing art, and more.

Photo: Michael Solorz
Photo: Mike Solorz

The show got started early in order to provide the multitude of artists involved, their own moment of fame at the Minneapolis X Pourhouse edition. To put this venue into perspective, it had 3 bars on duty, a section for tabling, and an upper deck covering nearly 360 degrees of the stage, packed with a collection of musicians, illustrators, designers, performing artists, and fashionistas all on the rise.

We specifically want to talk about how Trinh came in and started this show with a solid 10. Not only was the front of the stage packed with Trinh fan's, but the spectators eating dinner, and the onlookers from the above art gallery all had their head bobbing and hands in the air for a straight 20 minute span. Not to mention 2 of his never before heard songs were performed, and we thought the crowd was about to hop right up on stage with him.

After the hip-hop and music portion of the event sadly came to an end, the show still took off in a more visual way. Continuing on was dancer Stacia Major who blew our minds with her live fire dancing performance that she safely executed within the limits of the indoor stage. The runway show, photography, clothing brands, and full body makeup exhibits also caught our attention as the show and energy from the crowd proceeded.

Trinh notes "I liked RAW because it brought together a collection of talented artists, and gave us the opportunity to network with all the fans, as well as branch out to a new audience".

Photo: Mike Solorz

Catch their upcoming showcases at a venue near you only at RAWartists.org




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