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Taking It Back: Supreme in '90s Pop Culture

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You can’t look anywhere in 2017 without seeing something Supreme, no matter if you’re cruising around the streets or surfing the Internet. What started as a small New York skate shop has grown to become one of the most ubiquitous brands in the world since their founding in 1994. The brand’s massive success begets its humble beginnings and early cult status, and some forget that in the mid '90s it was a brand for those truly “in the know,” like downtown NY skaters, cool kids and savvy Japanese tourists. However, before the legendary collabs with brands like Nike, Lacoste, Coca-Cola...

Dapper Dan And Gucci: A Truly Iconic Collaboration

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More than any other major industry in the world today, fashion moves in cycles. Styles and trends that are old become new once again with the passage of time, and what’s considered cool one year can be damned to languish in mall chain-store obscurity the very next year until it completely collapses in on itself, and then inexplicably storms back to the forefront of cool yet again, aided by a timely celebrity co-sign or a fierce wave of nostalgia. It certainly is an interesting time to be following fashion. If “less is more” was a saying most abided by a...

Going Ape: The Top 15 Bape Collabs Of All Time

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Bape. The Japanese juggernauts. The commodores of camo. The higher-ups of hype. The … well, you get the point. When it comes to street culture, there are few brands that have enjoyed the same longevity and relevance as Nigo and Sk8thing’s iconic label. One of the things that makes Bape so legendary is their multitude of collabs. They’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world — on everything from shirts to shoes to home goods, and they’ve certainly got the Midas touch, as almost anything they apply their signature aesthetic to turns to gold (or camo). In honor...

Strong Branding: The Story Behind 7 Iconic Streetwear Logos

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Behind every great brand is a powerful logo, and behind every powerful logo is an unforgettable design. A good logo grabs and holds onto your attention, and makes a brand immediately recognizable. In the world of fashion, there are a few tried-and-true, timeless logos that reach from the streets to the runways. Your favorite brand’s logo defines their signature identity, and the truly great logos transcend the brand itself to establish their own unique place in street culture. Today we’re paying homage to those iconic signature logos. You’ll learn the backstory behind how the logo was created, what it stands...

Tom Sachs And Nike: A Match Made In Outer Space

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Collaborating with Nike is a big deal. The most powerful footwear brand in the world? Sneakers that everyone collected and loved growing up? Yes, a collaboration with the Swoosh is certainly a milestone in almost any creator’s career. Then there’s Tom Sachs, whose “Mars Yard” sneaker has released twice, and blown off virtual shelves faster than you can say “Marvin the Martian” twice. What sets Sachs apart from other artists who have worked with Nike on a limited-edition shoe is that he’s not really into sneakers or sneaker collecting at all. He’s even gone so far as to state “We...