Sell with Piff

We are always consigning and buying hype, designer and vintage streetwear. Stop by our Minneapolis store for a consignment, cash, & store credit quote. 

Free Gift Card for Consignment Sellers
Receive a $50 store credit when you consign 10-19 accepted items, each with an individual resale list price of $100 or more, by March 29th, 2020.

- How Do We Price ? - 

Our goal is to sell your items at the highest possible price within 60 days. Our expert team determines pricing based on four factors. 

Designer / Brand - Items from top designers and trending brands tend to retain the highest resale value. 

Condition -  We accept items in New - Good condition. The closer your items are to pristine condition, the higher resale value they will have. 

Desire -  We are looking for pieces that are highly desired by the streetwear, designer and vintage markets. Items that have a high desire receive the highest payout.

Wearability - Pieces in very wearable, classic colors or on-trend, seasonal colors will earn you more.

- Commission Payout - 

Streetwear - 

Up to 85% payout

Select Brand-New Hype items

70% payout

Items over $500, & Brand-New hype items 

60% payout

Items $195-$500

50% payout

Items under $195 

*based on original list price

Designer / Vintage - 

60% payout

All items over $500

50% payout 

Items $195-500

40% payout 

Items below $195 

*based on original list price 

- Instant Buyout - 

We do offer instant buyout via store credit, or cash via electronic transfer. 


- Discount Policy - 

Automatic Discounts -
2 months after intake, the payout items on consignment will drop by 10% monthly. This will last for a maximum of 4 months. This payout period will be clearly outlined on your consignment receipt. 

Sale & Promotion Discounts -

We run sales and promotions to encourage the sale of your items, and we account for this when pricing your items. We run promotions in the interest of selling your items, and they are an expense that we share with you as a consignor. These potential 'Efforts to Sell' are on top of the automatic discount policy. For more information, please refer to the 'Efforts to Sell' portion of our consignor contract.

- Consignment Term -

Duration - 

We require at least 60 days to sell on consignment. After this period you are welcome to pick up your items free of charge with 2 days notice. If you would like to pick-up your consignment items, please email

If the Return Request is made within 60 days of original acceptance, we have a $15 return fee to cover the expense of up-front costs of storing, cataloging, and photographing the item in preparation for sale. 

If an item remains unsold at the end of the Consignment Period of 12 months, Piff will contact you at month 11 and, at your option and expense: (i) return the item to you or (ii) donate the item to a charity of the Piff’s choice. If we do not receive a response by the end of the consignment term of 365 days, we are no longer responsible for your items. 


- Preparation For Sale  -

Used Item Cleaning Fee -  

We do not cover cleaning expenses on consignment items that need attention to get to sale ready condition. Cleaning expenses are a $5, $10, $15 dollars charge based on how dirty your item is. We do not cover liability of items potentially being damaged during cleaning, although we do treat every item with the same care as if they were our own.

Extra Packaging - 
Piff is not responsible for maintaining original packaging that are is not inherent to the product. 
Ex. Shipping box from vendor. If you wish to keep these items / boxes / packaging please make sure to take them home with you following your trade-in.