Legit Check - A Bathing Ape

Name: Gold Foil

Time: 2007 to Present

Details: Can be found attached underneath the tags of nearly all Bape items.

Comments: Should not be used to determine authenticity.


Below you will find various Ape head tags from over the years.

Note: Older tags may have very slight differences, but all retain the iconic Ape head shape.

Name: APEE (women's)

Time: - 2007

Details: All women's items now use the usual brown head tag since APEE was discontinued in 2007.


Name: n/a

Time: Early-mid 2000's

Details: Sewn on a little higher up the sleeve.

Name: n/a

Time: Early 2000's

Details: Features registered trademark ® on the left side.

Name: Black Label

Time: n/a

Details: Used on items released exclusively at the "Bapexclusive" Aoyama and NYC stores.

Comments: Has been used on some non-store exclusive releases in recent seasons.

 Pirate Store

Time: n/a

Details: Used exclusively on Pirate Store branded items.

Name: Baby Milo

Time: 2005 to 2007

Details: Used exclusively on Milo branded items.


Fakes may not be apparent until you check the details. Small things like tags are usually overlooked and full of mistakes.

Below you will find pics of real authentic Bape tags. This is how all tags should look.

If you have pics of tags for an item in question, closely compare them with the pics in this guide.


Name: A Bathing Ape

Time: 2010 to Present

In 2011, it was updated with changes to..
  • larger overall size
  • different font
  • larger ape head size and shape
  • World Gone Mad motto

Name: FrankenApe

Time: 2005 through 2007

Details: Used exclusively on shark and tiger hoodies.

Comments: After 2007, all monster hoodies use the usual brown head tag.

There are three exceptions which use the FrankenApe tag:
  • (2010) BapeLand 1st Anniversary shark
  • (2010) neon color shark (red/sax/yellow/green)
  • (2010 AW) shark with camo on the back of left sleeve

  • Be sure there is white space between L and K in "WALKING". Those letters are commonly connected on fakes.


Time: Early-mid 2000's

Details: Can be found in an assortment of colors, with and without a gradiant.

Cut & Sew Tags 
Name: Ape Shall Never Kill Ape

Time: Early 2000's through 2005

Comments: Take note of the ape head shape surrounding the motto, font size and shape, and stitching.

T-Shirt Neck Tags 

Time: Early-mid 2000's to 2005

Sizes: XSmall - XLarge


Women's tag:


Time: 2005/6 through 2007

Sizes: XSmall - XXLarge

Details: Color-coded based on size.

Women's X-Small = Yellow

Small = Red

Medium = White

Large = Blue

XL and XXL = White
  • Bape did not make sizes 3XL or 4XL, however they do appear on the tag.

Name: Newest

Time: 2008 to Present

Sizes: XSmall - XXL

Details: Since late 2013, some tees are made in China. These tags will say "A Bathing Ape" instead of "Made In Japan".

Comments: Limited production of size 3XL in 2013.

Name: Baby Milo

Time: 2005 to 2007

Details: Only used on Baby Milo branded items. The letters held by Milo correspond to the size.

This tag was used only on T-SHIRTS

Alternate version used on tees and cut & sewn:

Name: Bape 20th Anniversary

Time: 2013

reference : Bape Talk