Conditions Standards

How does Piff define deadstock sneakers?

Piff defines "New" sneakers as unworn and complete with original box including box lid.

Piff defines “New” sneakers, unworn with original box (including box lid), as would be acceptable for sale at a retail location. Deadstock sneakers are 100% authentic. This may or may not include additional accessories, laces, manufacturer tags, special packaging, etc. Any B-grades (items with manufacture defects) are rare & will be noted prior to purchase.

Pairs may still be considered "New" despite being unlaced, tried on for fitment, and/or slight uncontrollable manufacturer flaws and imperfection. The original box may have encountered minimal damage from shipping, discoloration from storage and/or any normal wear and tear due to aging. 

Be aware "New" sneakers may be conditional including signs of age when it comes to older pairs, including slight yellowing and should be worn at your own risk. "New" sneakers that are several years old, when worn, may experience structural weakness and a lack of durability.

How does Piff define Brand New Streetwear?

Piff defines streetwear as brand new if..

Piff defines streetwear as brand new if it is unworn and complete with the original packaging, as would be acceptable for sale at its original retail location.

We do require any original accessories that may have been included by the manufacturer, however, we do not require any stickers or the shopping bag that may or may not have been included during the original sale. In addition, we strongly encourage every seller to include the original tags and clear plastic sleeve with every sale, but these are not required as they will vary depending if the original purchase was in-store or online.

As with items sold at retail, some products will pass our inspection despite having minor uncontrollable stitching or other manufacturing flaws. Also, please be aware that brand new streetwear can include signs of aging when it comes to older items and should be worn or used at your own risk.

How does Piff define Used sneakers & streetwear?

Piff defines used sneakers & streetwear in four main categories listed below. All used items are listed separately on Piff.Online. You can filter between New & Used filter, or between the new and used tab on the specific product page.

Used A - Like New

very near new condition. Signs of use may include light pilling or creasing but overall these items can be expected to be very close to new, or pass as new condition.

Used B - Light Use

No cracking, fading, blemishes or stains. Signs of use may include light sole loss, creasing, minor fabric wear or pilling.

Used C - Moderate Use

Clear signs of use. Possible fading of fabric or print, moderate to heavy pilling, creasing, sole loss.

Used D - Heavy Use

Extreme signs of use. Expect these items to include one or multiple flaws including heavy fading, cracking, creasing fabric pilling, stains, sole loss.