Searching for Wiz Khalifa's Cool Pants: An In-Depth Investigation

Searching for Wiz Khalifa's Cool Pants: An In-Depth Investigation

Posted by Ben Alberts on


In the Twitter rampage heard 'round the world, Kanye West went in on hard on Wiz Khalifa this afternoon, clapping back at Khalifa's accusations that 'Ye stole the title of his forthcoming album, WAVES, from the concept made famous by Max B. Kanye covered a lot of ground and deleted most of what he tweeted—including shots he took at Khalifa's music for being corny and a brutal jab about his kid—but nothing instantly caught the attention of the internet like his tweet about Wiz' pants and the accompanying hashtag #Wizwearscoolpants.

Since we're devoted to nothing so much as we are to bringing you the truth about style, we decided to launch an investigation: Which pants exactly were the ones Kanye was referencing? Let the investigation begin.

Option 1

Rating: ??? out of 5

Kanye already told us he owns Wiz' child, so why not get the pants, too?

Option 2

Rating: ?out of 5

We definitely know a lot of college dropouts who wear this exact thing every day, but our gut says Kanye is probably not one of them.

Option 3

Rating: ? out of 5

Tight? Leather? Adorned with unnecessary embellishments so you know they're expensive? Causing white nerds to lose their goddamn minds? Kanye probably already has these.

Option 4

Rating: ???? out of 5

Maybe the Rosewood Movement is due for a revival?

Option 5

Rating: ?? out of 5

This would work…if we were talking about Kanye from 2007, and if Kanye from 2007 were blind.


Results: Inconclusive. We may never find Wiz Khalifa's elusive cool pants, but just knowing that they're out there somewhere in Kanye's reference folder is reason enough to believe they're real.


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