The Definitive Ranking Of Every Yeezy 350 Boost Ever

The Definitive Ranking Of Every Yeezy 350 Boost Ever

Posted by Ross Dwyer on


Nobody's going to argue with you if you call the Yeezy 350 Boost the most popular shoe on the market right now. It's extremely desirable, highly valuable, and completely ubiquitous. You can't walk a block without seeing a pair on someone's feet, and we'd venture as far to call them this generation's Air Force 1, in terms of overwhelming popularity.

With the release of the "Zebra" V2's this weekend, we thought now was as good a time as any to rank each and every single 350 Boost ... so we came together as a squad, and after a great amount of debate, we were able to get our rankings just right, as we each wrote out a personal ranking list and then took the average position of each shoe on our lists to make sure the rankings were as diplomatic as possible. 

Here's our definitive, total, final rankings of every single Yeezy 350 Boost, from Olive to Oreo and beyond. Let's get down to business. 

11. V2 "Olive"

Starting things off at #11 on our list is the "Olive" V2. Don't get us wrong, we enjoy this shoe a lot ... it's just the most unspectacular of the bunch in our opinion. Clean, but not particularly memorable.

10. V2 "Copper"

 The "Copper" V2's are slightly better. They've got a slight edge over the olive pair, just because the copper stripe is more stately in our opinion. Another solid if unspectacular pair for the lower half of the list. 

9. V2 "Red"

The "Red" V2's were the best of the first batch of V2's. The red stripe gives them that little extra pop of flair that the Olives and the Coppers lacked. 

8. V1 "Oxford Tan"

 The first V1 to make an appearance on our list, the "Oxford Tan" was placed very high on a few of our staff members' personal lists ... but very low on a few others. It's a polarizing sneaker, as the light tan colorway really isn't for everyone. 

7. V2  "Oreo"

 As far as sold V2's with a stripe go, the "Oreo" is tops as far as the Piff squad sees it. The simple black-and-white colorway has been a winner ever since sneakerheads began matching up their kicks with their fits ... and the monochromatic look is still just as much of a go in 2017 as it's ever been.

6. V1 "Moonrock"

You don't see a lot of Moonrocks on the streets nowadays, but the tonal grey color is clean, simple, and easy to wear with anything. That these released during the heigh of Kanye's earth tone obsession makes a lot of sense, as they're one of the more muted shoes in the bunch. 

5. V2 "Beluga" 

When the Belugas released, many sneakerheads were divided. Some loved the direction the V2's were heading in, some preferred the look of the V1. Now that a few months have passed, the Beluga has cemented its rightful spot as a banger among 350's.

4. V2 "Core Black"

The recently-released "Core Black" V2's are arguably the cleanest, most wearable V2 of all, as the signature stripe has been traded out for a simple "SPLY-350" hit on the upper. We wouldn't be surprised if these are held in the same lofty regard the Pirate Black V1's are in a year or two. 

3. V2 "Zebra"

 The "Zebras" are ... well ... they're something else. The first 350 Boost to feature a mostly white upper, these are a perfect summer shoe, as the abstract black pattern and red "SPLY-350" hit on the upper work wonderfully with their white Primeknit base and white midsole. Rumored to be the most limited V2 yet, these could very well wind up being one of the most valuable shoes of 2017.

2. V1 "Pirate Black"

Ah, the Pirate Black. The Yeezy that truly goes with anything. You can wear a pair of Pirates year-round (although you'll likely be much more comfortable if you've got a pair of the 2016 version with the padded heel), and no matter what your style is, they'll look great on you. A shining example of how sometimes less is more. 

1. V1 "Turtledove"

 Could any other shoe really take the top spot? The Turtledove is the shoe that's responsible for kicking off the 350 Boost hysteria, as it's the first to ever release. It's still the most valuable 350 by a long shot (and much more exclusive than the Pirate Blacks, which released twice) ... and for our money, it's still the cleanest too. It was the very best shoe of 2015, and will forever be a classic. Winner by a landslide.


What are your thoughts on our list? Which Yeezy 350 Boost is the best in your opinion? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire photos you can handle.