The Hundreds x Aaron Kai: Available Now!

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Waves don't die.
The long-awaited collaboration between The Hundreds and popular Hilo, HI-raised artist Aaron Kai (known for his wave-inspired graphics) is available at Piff now! Featuring direct embroidered/screenprinted Aaron Kai iconography on hoodies, tees, and shirts, the collection has arrived just in time for spring/summer ... and we're proud to say we're the only store in Minnesota that has the privilege of carrying the collaboration. 
Learn more about the pieces we have in stock below, and if anything catches your eye, click on the image to go right to the product page! Be quick though ... it's selling out fast.
Corners T-Shirt
The Corners tee features the iconic Hundreds "Corners" graphic with Aaron Kai's unique signature touch for a dope (and extremely original) logo flip. It's also available in ash grey and black
Props T-Shirt
The "Props" tee is inspired by the all-over print and crazy graphics of early-mid 00's streetwear, and makes a great piece for any and all throw back Thursday fits (you know you gotta get one off every so often) with its vintage look.
Buns T-Shirt
We love buns. We'd assume that you do too. We also love this "Buns" t-shirt with a small embroidered graphic on the front ... and we'd assume that you will too. It's also available in pink, because we assumed that you might like a lighter option as well. That's all the assuming we'll do for today. 
Waves Pocket Tee
Aaron Kai is most well-known for his "Waves" graphic, so you already know we couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab this tee. A simple embroidered pocket on the front and a big, bold "Waves" graphic on the back prove that pocket tees aren't just for nerds and you'll be fly in this piece ... even if you do want to keep pens in your shirt pocket. 
Waves Pullover
Know what the only thing better than waves on a hoodie is? EMBROIDERED waves on a hoodie. This jaw features twill appliqué & embroidery, so you can be sure that these waves won't die. It's also available in black.
Denim Waves Button-Up Shirt
Everyone needs a clean denim button-up in their wardrobe, and the "Waves" print & embroidered bomb logo on this piece will give you that little extra splash (pun totally intended) of steez you're in search of. A perfect spring piece, either by itself or over a hoodie.
What's your favorite piece from the Hundreds x Aaron Kai collection? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.

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