Abstract Expressionism Meets Streetwear: The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock

Abstract Expressionism Meets Streetwear: The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock

Posted by Ross Dwyer on

Jackson Pollock is without a doubt one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. His unique, raw, and authentic style is at once chaotic and thought-provoking, and manages to convey a wide swath of emotions without influencing the observer to view it in any one direction. His work has influenced millions, and his name holds a lofty place in art history.

The Hundreds recently teamed up with Pollock’s estate for a capsule collection of clothing and accessories, and we’re proud to announce that it’s now available at Piff, both in-store and online.

The collection takes the frenetic energy that Pollock painted with, and tastefully applies it to tees, hats, accessories, and a beautiful, extremely limited Modernica chair, the centerpiece of the collaboration. Inspired by the paint-splattered floor of Pollock's studio, the all-over print adorning the garments is a unique, head-turning design, unlike anything you’ve ever seen in streetwear before.

Not familiar with the legendary artist? Here’s a quick background: Pollock was active in the art world for two decades, from 1936 until his untimely death in 1956 due to a alcohol-related accident. Although he produced many famous paintings during his years in the limelight, his most famous and influential work was his drip paintings. He’d lay a canvas on the floor of his studio (he liked being able to work from all 4 sides of his piece)  and go to work with paintbrushes, tubes, and rollers, flinging paint with both reckless abandon and careful precision.

He stated that he “wanted to express his feelings, not illustrate them” with his drip paintings, and his raw, authentic style full of passion and self-expression caught on with both the general public and art critics. Then, in 1950 when his drip paintings were at the height of their popularity, he stopped producing them entirely.. Pollock expressed a desire to step back from his iconic style because he felt a disconnect with his art, a bold action for someone who’d reached the pinnacle of their profession.

And there’s no better word to describe his style than iconic. Art critic Harold Rosen once said that when Pollack painted “what was to go on the canvas was not a picture, but an event”. His pieces were extremely unique and influential, as famous artists today like 2shae and Madsteez cite him as a major inspiration, and his drip painting “No. 5” (pictured above) sold for $165.4 million in 2006, ranking as one of the ten most expensive paintings in history.


The collaboration between Jackson Pollock and The Hundreds is special - it’s not special just because one of the foremost streetwear brands in the world linked up with one of the biggest artists of the 20th century. It’s special because it’s real, raw, and authentic. It’s true to the aesthetic of both parties involved, and is one of the best collaborations of 2017. Stop by the shop and check the pieces out … we think you’ll feel the same way too.  


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