The Ape: Everything You Need To Know

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There's no better place for characters than the streetwear scene. From weirdos to hard-chargers, shady businessmen to people who just want to design t-shirts, there's room for all types of people, both the mundane and the hilarious. Today's subject falls into the latter category. 

For those of you who don't know, the gentleman with the gap-toothed scowl in the picture above is named Raheem, but is better known as "the Ape", or "Supreme K", and he's made a name for himself by terrorizing anyone and everyone wearing Supreme in the streets of New York City. See for yourself below.


 Confused as to why the Ape has such a distaste for Supreme? Well, as rumor has it, there's always been a bit of a rivalry in NYC between loyal Supreme heads and those who prefer Bape. The Ape has just ramped it up about ten levels, and (as you can see above) is willing to get physical/talk smack to anyone and everyone with Supreme on. He's even ran into an extremely nervous-looking Jonah Hill, and in his most popular video yet beat up rapper/stylist/personality Racks Hogan, all while uttering his "Fuck Supreme" battle cry. He's even been spotted "violating" (as he likes to say) Supreme-wearing pedestrians in Los Angeles, and hanging out with other familiar streetwear scene faces like Asspizza

You can head over to the Ape's Instagram to witness his latest shenanigans, or check his Twitter for hilarious 140-character bursts. It's clear he's fully immersed himself in his reckless persona, and no matter how you may feel about him, you've got to admit that it's hard to stop watching. Nobody knows how long he'll be able to keep up his schtick for ... but he's been nothing if not consistent with his videos. 

What do we think? Well we're not going to be taking sides as we sell both brands at our store and rock them both ... but Ape, if you're reading this, feel free to come peruse our racks (no Hogan, see what we did there?) if you're ever in the Midwest. We think you'll like what you find. 

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