The 10 Best Pieces Of Apparel From Supreme's S/S '17 Collection

The 10 Best Pieces Of Apparel From Supreme's S/S '17 Collection

Posted by Ross Dwyer on


The Internet's on fire. Hype is consuming us all. Yes, it's that time of year again: new Supreme is almost upon us.

Angelo Baque is leaving Supreme with a bang, as the S/S '17 apparel collection is one of the strongest we've seen in a while. The colors, patterns, and overall aesthetic and vibes of the pieces are on point, and there really aren't any weak links at all.

With there being so much fire in the collection, it was quite a journey narrowing it down to the best pieces, but after much shouting, arguing, and flinging of box logo stickers, we were able to get down to the best of the best, from hats to shirts to hoodies. Here's the 10 best pieces from Supreme's S/S '17 collection in our opinion. 

Honorable Mention: Playboy Pillbox Hat

A change of pace is never a bad thing (especially when it comes to headwear ... putting down the dad hat won't kill you, although we know it can be scary), and this pillbox hat is an interesting, old-school hat style that you just don't see every day. One of the more unique pieces in the collection.


Obama Anorak

One time for Barry O. Supreme's paying homage to Barack with the all-over print on this anorak, which is inspired by a kanga print created in 2009 to honor Barry's visit to Ghana during his first presidency. Sign us up. 

Cowboy Denim Work Jacket

This jacket is loud, brash, and borderline ridiculous ... but somehow it just flat-out works. The zipper instead of buttons on the front is a great touch, and the giant cowboy print by artist Jim Krantz on the front and back (could it be movie star Jawn Wayne on the horse?) is bound to turn heads, no matter if you're on the ranch or the block.

Split Track Jacket

Anything that's retro-inspired is bound to be a home run nowadays, and the Split Track Jacket wouldn't look too out of place in a vintage store around old Tommy or Nautica. Plus, the red/green Gucci-esuqe colorway is always a winner. 

Chenille Arc Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

 Colorful, bright, and fun. The solid colored hoodie stays quiet, and the multi-colored logo does all the talking. A good way to spruce up the classic arc logo sweatshirt, a staple in any Supreme head's wardrobe

Playboy Hooded Sweatshirt 

It's whack that Playboy doesn't have any nudity in their magazines anymore, but at least we can't knock them for their Supreme collabs, as this hoodie is fire. Simple and straight to the point. Plus it comes in orange ... and if you read our blog frequently, you know that we think orange is going to be the biggest color of 2017.

Abstract Tee

There's a lot of great tees (Sade, FTP) in Supreme's S/S '17 lineup, but the Abstract tee is tops in our opinion. Pastel colors, upside-down logo, and a large eye-catching Pablo Picasso print (Le Rêve, painted in 1932 to honor his mistress) combine for an extremely memorable piece. 

Curve Basketball Jersey

We didn't really love the S/S '16 basketball jerseys (the "apocalypse" print would have been better on a hockey jersey in our opinion), so we're glad to see that this season's jersey is a return to form. Inspired by the old Seattle SuperSonics uniforms, and available in a myriad of colorways (this Phoenix Suns-esque joint is our favorite), this jersey can be a staple in anyone's summer wardrobe.

Corduroy S Logo 6-Panel

Camp caps have always been and will always be a classic, but the S logo 6-panel is right up there with them. This season's corduroy model adds a little extra texture to the hat to give you that extra sprinkling of sauce your headwear game needs. 

Split Logo Watershort

 You've gotta have a good pair of swim trunks on deck, and the Split Logo Watershort offers retro styling and colorways so you'll be swimming/vacationing/posting up on the beach or at the lake in style all summer long. 

Washed Regular Jeans

The only thing that's "regular" about these pants? Their name. Cheeta-print pants aren't for the faint of heart ... but Supreme's never been for the faint of heart. They're all about making a statement with their designs, and if you can pull these off, you'll be able to make a bold statement of your own. 


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