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INTERLUDES 001: Drelli - "I Make Swag Bop"

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  When it comes to Minneapolis artists, Drelli is a name that holds a lot of weight. The youngest signee to So Cold Records, he embarks on a nationwide, 12-city tour with labelmates Allan Kingdom and Finding Novyon on July 7th. PIFF sat down with Drelli recently to find out more about his start in music, creative process, inspirations, and more.   PIFF: Drelli, could you introduce yourself to people who aren’t familiar with you or what you do?  Hi, my name is Drelli. I’m an artist from Minneapolis, and I rap.   How did you get started in music? ...

The Definitive Ranking of Every Supreme Photo Tee Ever

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There's nothing quite like a Supreme photo tee. Only one releases every year, and every year's release is different and unique. Since Supreme started making the tees in 2005, they've featured rockers, rappers, models and more ... and with the recent rumblings about Nas being the poster boy for this year's photo tee, we figured now was as good of a time as any to put together a list of every Supreme photo tee ever. And let's be clear: a photo tee features an original image that was shot by Supreme, specifically for Supreme. That's why you won't see tees like...

Lines // Kanye West Issue

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  Lines is a series shining a spotlight on the songs and lyrics of our favorite artists. For this installment, we're focusing on Kanye West, the legendary Chicago emcee who just turned 40 today. Here's three of our favorite tracks. Can't Tell Me Nothing // Graduation    Few believed a pink polo wearing producer and wanna be rapper, from Chicago would become one of hip hop's most recognizable names. Two classic albums later, and a W in a legendary beef with 50 Cent,  his hip hop supremacy was cemented following the release of his 2007 album Graduation.  “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” was Kanye's  declaration...

Kanye West's 10 Best Street Style Fits

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  Happy 'Ye day.  The most influential and important artist of our generation turns 40 today. Ever since 2003, when his first studio album The College Dropout released, Kanye has never been far from the forefront of street culture. And of course, Ye's known for more than his music. His style and overall knowledge of fashion is second to none. He's turned heads at performances and award shows all over the world for the past decade-plus, no matter if he was rocking Polo, Givenchy, or his own YEEZY gear. Whatever he does is fresh and unique, and the industry tends...

5 Artists We’re Hyped To See At Soundset Today

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  Minneapolis's own Soundset: one of the biggest and best hip-hop festivals in the world, with a lineup that offers something for everyone. No matter if you’re an old school hip-hop purist or if you prefer the latest and greatest, there’s bound to be something you like. We’re hyped to pull up at Soundset (be sure to come check out our pop-up shop if you’re gonna be in attendance too), and there are a lot of artists we’re hyped to see. We figured you’re already pretty familiar with names like Travis Scott (a Piff favorite), Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert,...