Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 8

Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 8

Posted by Ross Dwyer on

The great eight. We're back with the 8th installment of Staff Pick Saturdays, the bi-weekly segment in which the Piff staff selects their favorite items in the store and shares them with you, our beloved customers. As always, if you see something you like you can click right on it to go the product page. Enough talking. Let's get to the jawns. 

Billy-Supreme Red Quilted Nylon Tanker Jacket

I love keeping my winter jacket game strong (who says you can't get fits off when the temperature is single digits?), and this red quilted jacket from Supreme is near-perfect in my eyes. The shearling color contrasts well with the bright red, the quilted look is dope, and the giant Supreme embroidery on the back is a major head-turner.

Ben- Puma Fenty Creeper Camo

I love having a wide variety of product, and with this camo Fenty creeper, we've got some heat for the ladies, or the dudes who can fit a smaller size. There's nothing else quite like these in the store, so unique.


Ross-Supreme Plaid Arc Pullover

This is my favorite Supreme piece we have in the store right now. A great plaid pattern that you can wear with just about any color plus a giant Supreme arc logo on the front so you can get your flex on? I'm bout it.


Juice-V/SUAL Cream Click Hooded Coach's Jacket

I picked a piece from V/SUAL last time around, and I've gotta do it again. You don't see many hooded coach's jackets, and this one is a great fall color to boot. The "Click" script on this jacket has great dual meaning too.


Mark-Kanye West I Feel Like Kobe Longsleeve 

I've been feeling like Kobe a lot recently. Maybe it's all the buckets i've been getting in pickup games recently (my hook shot has been dropping like water recently), or maybe it's the alarming frequency I've been getting fits off with this fall. Whatever it is, I've been channeling my inner Mamba in all facets of life recently and this tee just adds on to that.