Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 6

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They say good things come in threes ... and six is a multiple of three, so you know some good things are about to come your way from this, the 6th edition of Staff Pick Saturday, where we (the Piff staff) select our favorite items currently in the store, and as always if you see anything you like, you can click right on the image to cop! Let's do it.
Billy- Carrots University "C" Champion Reverse Weave Navy Hoodie
I stay eating my vegetables. This classic-fit Champion hoodie is extremely warm and comfortable, so you already know I love it. Plus, I'm really stoked that we've got Carrots in store now, it's a great brand.
Juice- Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Pirate Black
Call me a hypebeast if you want ... but the 350's were a must-pick for me. Such a wearable shoe. Looks great with literally anything and it's comfy. If you don't have a pair of these, what are you doing? 
Ben- CLSC x XLarge System Tee
CLSC and XLarge came together to make a few really great tees this season, but this "Sand" colorway has got to be my favorite. Perfect fall color and a great design. What's not to love?
Ross- Supreme Grey Sumo Hooded Sweatshirt
Having a grey hoodie in your wardrobe is essential for the colder months, and this Supreme sumo hoodie is my favorite one we have in store right now. This is one of the most underrated graphics of the season in my opinion.
Mark- Field Notes Shenandoah 3-Pack
When I have a great idea or an interesting thought, I write it down so I don't forget it. The Field Notes books are perfect for on-the-go scrawling: they're small so they fit in my pocket easily. Can't go wrong.

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