Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 20

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We're back. 

It's the 20th edition of Staff Pick Saturday (can you believe we're 20 deep?), and we're changing things up a bit. For the past 19 articles, Staff Pick Saturday has consisted of all five Piff staff members selecting their current favorite item in the store. We wanted to make it a bit more personal and be sure that it reflected our individual tastes, so we're trying something a little bit different starting today: for the next few weeks, Staff Pick Saturday will be five items selected by one staff member (who'll rotate). We've all got unique tastes, and we thought this was a better way to bring what we're feeling to you. I (Ross) am starting this off ... so without further ado, let's get to my five. As always, if you see something you like you can click right on the image to head to the product page.


Supreme/Jean-Michel Basquiat Allah Zeus Buddah Black LS Tee

I've gotta start my five off with a banger. This Allah Zeus Buddha long sleeve was my favorite piece from the Supreme/Basquiat collection back in 2015. It's simple and clean, but it shares a powerful message at the same time. Plus, long sleeve tees are a great transitional piece: not as breezy as a short sleeve tee, but not as heavy as a hoodie. 


Supreme Leopard Spot Faux Fur Quarter Zip Pullover

Just look at this jawn. How could you not love it? I'm a sucker for leopard print as it's always a head-turner no matter where you're at, and even though this might be too much for some people (it is pretty loud) ... if you've got the panache to pull it off you'll really be flexing. Plus on the more practical side, it's a nice medium weight outerwear piece for the spring. 


Supreme Purple Blank Football Jersey

I'm fully aware that it's not football season yet, but this Vikings-esque blank football jersey from Supreme will be perfect all summer long. It's a unique shade of purple (very light), and will be a perfect piece for barbecues, boat parties (shouts out the Vikings Love Boat scandal) or any other summer hijinks you might find yourself getting into. 


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Top 3"

If you know me at all, you know that Jordan I's are my favorite shoe of all time, and the "Top 3" is my favorite Jordan I that we have in stock right now. I was a little iffy on them when they first released, but I've grown to love them. They look very 90's with their crazy colorblocking, and will work with just about any fit you can think of. 


A Bathing Ape Baby Milo Baby-G Watch

G-Shocks and streetwear have gone hand in hand for decades, and this Bape Baby-G watch is a clean and simple wrist piece that anyone can pull off. I always preferred watches with smaller faces (having a giant watch face on a skinny wrist like mine is not a good look), and the light-up Milo face in the background of the display (just press the "light" button) is a fun touch. 


What do you think of the new Staff Pick Saturday format? Does it feel more personal to you? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.


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