Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 19

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We're back. We're a little more than week into April (can you believe it?) and you need start getting your spring/summer wardrobe right ... so this, the 19th edition of Staff Pick Saturday is extremely timely. See anything you like? Click on the image to go right to to the product page and cop. Let's get to it.
Billy-Air Jordan 5 Retro "Stealth" 
The Jordan 5 is one of my favorite silhouettes of all time, and 2006 (the year these last released) was a great year for 5's. The colorway is beautiful in its simplicity, and these are a shoe that you can rock all summer long and well into the fall too. 
Ben-The Hundreds/Aaron Kai Black Waves Pullover
Waves don't die. I'm not even quoting Kanye here, I'm just telling you a fact. The embroidered waves on this hoodie wrap around the whole bottom, making for a head-turning piece. It's great for layering too, as the waves will poke out from under a jean or bomber jacket. My favorite piece from the Hundreds/Aaron Kai collab.
Ross- Saint Laurent SL10 High "Royal"
I've worn my Royal I's pretty much every day since I got them (they're just so clean!), so you already know I love these Royal-inspired Saint Laurents. I'm not usually a fan of designer sneakers, as I feel that they're generally poorly done interpretations of pre-existing models, but these Saint Laurents are extremely well-done, with just enough basketball shoe inspiration.
Juice-Supreme x Vans Sk8 Mid Black "Eat Me"
Self explanatory ... eat me. 
Mark-Adidas NMD CS1 PK "United Arrows & Sons"
I've been on an NMD kick recently (I'm actually wearing my Nice Kicks jawns right now ... flex), and these United Arrows & Sons City Socks are my favorite NMD we've got in the store right now because they're extremely unique. Shouts to Poggy, he did his thing on these.
Who picked the best item this week? What's your favorite item we have in stock right now? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.

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