Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 17

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March Madness. Word to Nayvadius Wilburn (that's Future's government name if you didn't already know. 
We're back with the 17th edition of Staff Pick Saturday, the bi-weekly series where the Piff staff selects their favorite items available in-store and online right now. As always, if you see something you like you can click on the image to go right to the product page and cop (we offer in-store pickup too!) Let's get right to the jawns.
Billy-A Bathing Ape Cork Face Coasters
There's few things I enjoy more than a cold mug of craft beer, and what do you need to put under a cold mug of craft beer? You got it, a coaster. This pack of four ape head coasters is a super-easy way to step up your table decor.
Ben-CLSC Salmon Montana Tee
Tony Montana. Tony Montana. Tony Montana. Great Future song inspired by a great movie ... that inspired this great t-shirt. It's a simple, clean, and iconic design, and anyone who's seen Scarface will recognize it right away. Plus you've gotta have some pink tees on deck for the warmer months ahead.
Ross-Supreme Pink Panther Top
There are few cartoon characters more iconic than the Pink Panther. There's NO brand more iconic in our world than Supreme (I'm willing to debate any and all comers). So you already know that when they come together for a collab, I'm fully about it. This shirt takes me back to Saturday morning cartoons and cereal. Definitely a go. 
Juice-Air Jordan I Retro High OG "Storm Blue"
The Storm Blue I's are one of the most slept-on shoes of the year so far. Simple, clean, and classic. Don't act surprised this summer when you see me getting fits off left and right with these jawns on ... they're heat. 
Mark-Supreme Sherpa Fleece Toggle Jacket
I may be on vacation in a warm region right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about how cold it's gonna be when I get back. Spring is creeping up on us but we've still got some winter left ... and this fleece jacket can make sure your cozy boy steez is on ten until the thermometer starts moving in a positive direction. 
Who picked the best item this week? What's your favorite item we have in stock right now? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.

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