Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 1

Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 1

Posted by Ross Dwyer on

Welcome to the first ever edition of Staff Pick Saturday. The Piff staff (some of the most stylish folks you'll ever meet) will be picking some of their favorite pieces in the shop, and filling you in on exactly why they're so dope. We've even included handy links so if you see something you like you can grab it easily! Let's get right to it. 

Ben-Supreme Terry Zip Up Sweatshirt (buy here)


Nothing like feeling extra-luxe in the summer, and it doesn't really get more luxe than a white french-terry zip up hoodie. My favorite piece of apparel in the shop currently.

Billy-Jordan Wheat 13 (buy here)


The Wheat XIII is one of my favorite XIII's ever, and it's never been retroed. Perfect lifestyle colorway. Truly an old gem.

Juice-Supreme Diamond Rib Football Top (buy here)


There's nothing like a jersey in the summer, and this Supreme football jersey is my favorite jersey we have in stock. A perfect summertime, windows-down piece.

Ross-The Hundreds Rose Hat (buy here)

It's actually been proven by science that you need a dad cap or two in your hat rotation, and nobody in the game has a knack for simple, clean dad hats like The Hundreds does. This washed maroon colorway will work with your wardrobe well into fall too.