Spring Has Sprung: 5 Great Transitional Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe

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Spring is finally almost upon us.

The temperature is on the right side of 50 degrees for the first time in what feels like forever, and with the improvements in the weather, there needs to be changes in your wardrobe too.

Your spring wardrobe is very important. You've got to put aside the heavy coats and dark colors, and break out lighter and more colorful pieces to match the change of seasons. It can be a daunting task when you're used to rocking heavy winter pieces and you can't quite bust out all the lightest summer pieces yet. 

Fear not, we've got you covered. Here's 5 great transitional pieces that you can work into your spring wardrobe stress-free, complete with links to cop if you're feeling one (just click on the product image). Let's run it.


Windbreakers are an absolutely perfect spring piece. They'll give you that water and wind resistant outer layer that you need, but they're not as heavy as a thick sweatshirt, so you won't start roasting on a hotter day. A colorful piece like this CLSC joint can easily find a spot in your rotation. 

Long-Sleeve Tees

Long-sleeve tees are an easy way to go from winter to spring. Great base layer when it's colder, solid outer layer when the temperature starts warming up. A piece like this striped long-sleeve from Supreme will give you all the flash you need to turn heads too. Trust us, stripes are a winner right now. 

Lighter-Color Pants

Newsflash: it's OK to put away the dark denim every so often. We know, we know. It's tough. We love our black and dark blue jeans just as much as you do, and maybe even more. But in the warmer months, you can get crazy fits off with lighter-colored bottoms. Who doesn't want to be bright and colorful every so often? The whole "street goth" thing is dead anyway, homie. If you're feeling really adventurous, you can even do something like this yellow pair of Supreme pants. You'll definitely turn a head or two!

Lightweight Sneakers

 Arguably the best thing about spring is that you can bring your lightweight kicks out of storage. You're not bound to high-tops and boots anymore ... so your runners and other lightweight kicks can regain their spot in your rotation. Honestly there's a good chance you were rocking them all winter anyway (we're guilty over here), but now's the perfect time to have them in your rotation. 

Bucket Hats

You're not Schoolboy Q. You shouldn't try to be Schoolboy Q. Only Schoolboy Q can be Schoolboy Q. Thankfully you don't have to be Schoolboy Q to rock a bucket hat, even if you think that's the case. The bucket hat is a great spring piece, and a terrific alternative to a regular cap, especially if you're shooting for a relaxed aesthetic (it's impossible to not look cozy while wearing a bucket hat). Plus if you do a reversible jawn like this Supreme x Comme Des Garcons SHIRT collab, you'll get two fire hats for the price of one. 


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