Spring Approaches: The Hundreds Spring 17 Available Now!

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Spring is right around the corner.
We keep trying to tell you. Sure, it's cold and nasty out (that's Minnesota in February for you), but warmer days are rapidly approaching ... and it's almost time for lighter-weight spring pieces. 
You're in luck: those spring pieces have begun to arrive at the shop. We just got a brand-new Spring 17 shipment from The Hundreds, and have everything from crewnecks to tees to hats on deck for you. Check out all the new heat below! If anything catches your eye, click on the image to go straight to the product page. 
Dell Jacket
The Dell jacket is a perfect spring piece. Lightweight, water/wind resistant and colorful (you know you're tired of wearing all black). A great way to transition from winter to spring.
Campbell Hoodie
Inspired by vintage Patagonia (yes, you can get into a Minneapolis brewery with this on), the Campbell hoodie features vintage styling and a boxy, oversized fit. Did we mention it's constructed of vintage sherpa fleece and is extremely soft too?
Duke Crewneck Sweatshirt
Not really into the whole Patagonia-inspired look? Prefer something a little more sporty? Check out the Duke crewneck. Simple and clean with just a touch of football-inspired flair.
Steady Crewneck
What's the old saying? Business in the front, party in the back? We're aware that usually applies to hairstyles (mullets specifically), but it describes this crewneck perfectly as well. A simple muted navy adorns the front, while the back is a bright mustard yellow. The best of both worlds. 
Rude LS Tee
Turquoise: a color that doesn't receive nearly as much love as it should, unless you're talking Tiffany SB's. This longsleeve tee is one of our favorite pieces in The Hundreds' Spring 17 collection. The dark details on the neck, cuffs, and sleeves make the turquoise body stand out that much more ... and the elongated back hem is a great touch too. 
Earvin Short-Sleeve Jersey
Olde English on a jersey will always be a classic look, and you can get that classic look for a great value with this Earvin short-sleeve jawn (it's only $39!). If the black is a little too muted for you, we've got it in red as well. 
Glenson Tee
At first glance the Glenson tee might look like a plain yellow Patagonia-inspired shirt ... but it's much more. It's got some heft to it, as it's made from a 180gsm cotton (that's heavy for those of you who aren't up on technical apparel-speak), and the brown bottom hem adds just enough contrast. 
Houndstooth Dad Hat
Love a slouchy-fitting hat but looking for something a little different than the standard dad hat? This houndstooth rose hat is perfect for you: it'll give you that slouchy fit that you need, but the brim is wider and more sturdy than a standard dad hat, allowing it to sit slightly differently on you head. Great pattern, great change of pace.
Date Dad Hat
We're not 100% sure why this hat was named the "Date" hat, but we are 100% sure if you wear this on a date, you'll be able to get another one. It's made of a unique poly-nylon blend that'll keep you cool, and is also available in a dusty blue and black
Maintain Pin
Always keep your cards close to your chest, and don't let em' see your moves. If you need a reminder to do either of those two things, grab this pin and stick it on your jacket or hat. You'll never forget to move in silence again.
Champ Incense
What's the point of looking fly all the time if your home aesthetics aren't on point? Grab some Nag Champa incense, and your house will be smelling fresher than organic produce.
What's your favorite piece from The Hundreds' Spring 17 collection? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire photos you can handle.

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