Piff Goes To Chicago

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The Piff squad was making moves in Chicago last week, and brought disposables with to capture the action. We linked up with our homies Philli and Sovren The Goblin, and outfitted them in some of our newest pieces. Check out the pictures (shot by our own Juice Johnson) right here! 
Philli rocking the Carrots University "C" hoodie
And yes, the Carrots hoodie passes the skate test. Anwar wouldn't have it any other way.
Sovren in the Bape Gold Foil Ape Head Tee
Philli in the Supreme script beanie and the small box logo tee
Squad tings. Sovren in the Noah Core Logo Beanie and Supreme World Famous Half Zip Sweatshirt. Philli coolin' in the Supreme beanie and tee again. 
We've got plenty more in the works with our Chicago homies, so be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram to see what we've got in the works. And stop into the shop any time to check out what we've got in person.

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