How To Give The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season: A Piff Guide

How To Give The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season: A Piff Guide

Posted by Ross Dwyer on

December is really here.

That's right, the final countdown to Christmas is upon us, and it's gift SZN. We all love getting gifts of course, but what's even better than getting gifts? That's right ... giving them.

However, giving a gift is not as simple as just buying something and slapping a bow on it. You've got to put some thought into it. You don't want to give a weak-ass gift and watch the recipient try to pretend they like it, do you? We all know that sucks, so we're here to help you avoid that extremely awkward situation. From us to you, here's our Piff gift-giving guide. 

Figure Out Their Style

It's important to get a feel for how your gift recipient dresses (and what size they wear too). Do they usually wear all black? Chances are they won't be thrilled with something extremely colorful, no matter how much you may think they'll like the change of pace. Keep it simple with something like this tonal arc logo hoodie from Supreme. On the flip side, if you see your gift recipient does like something a little more loud and flamboyant, play to their strengths. Grab them something loud and outlandish that'll help them show off like a rare Bape x Kaws Chomper zip-up.


Accessories Are Always A Winner

Another great way to get a gift for someone on your list is to figure out what a nice accessory that they like but wouldn't buy for themselves is, and then cop it as a present. Something like a designer belt or a high-quality duffle bag will always be a winner



When In Doubt, Go To The Classics

Done a lot of thinking and observing, and still can't quite figure out what you're going to get for your homie/significant other/family member? You can never go wrong with a classic item. Who could be mad at something like a crispy pair of White Cement III's or a simple, clean beanie? 


Here at Piff we've got all types of great gifts for any sneakerhead, streetwear lover, skate rat, or anyone else with eclectic taste. Feel free to swing by the shop at any time. We'd be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Really, who doesn't want jawnz for Christmas? 



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