Patchwork: The Next Big Fall Trend

Patchwork: The Next Big Fall Trend

Posted by Ross Dwyer on

Fall is a season of endless possibilities. From layers to colors to patterns, it’s the one time of year where you have full access to your entire wardrobe. Nothing that’s hanging in your closet or folded in your dresser is off limits, and everything is possible style-wise when the temperature starts dropping and the leaves begin to change colors.

Every time fall rolls around, it brings with it many a new trend. Some are short-lived flashes in the pan, that capture the attention of fashion-forwards individuals for mere weeks before fading back into nothingness, while some arrive to stay, much like orange everything did in 2016. 

It’s hard to put your finger on the pulse of fall trends, as there’s many different ways that tastes and styles can shift from the tail end of September (fall officially began on the 22nd) to days before Christmas (it isn’t officially over until December 21st), but there’s one trend that’s looking like it may make a strong statement in the streetwear industry over the next few months.


Don’t get it twisted: patchwork patterns aren’t just for giant handmade quilts. They’re for some of the most unique, standout, well-crafted shirts, jackets, hoodies, and pants you’ll see all year long, and the patchwork movement is one that’s showing early signs of staying power that’ll last beyond the fall season.


Patchwork garments aren’t new in the streetwear game. They’ve been a part of the culture ever since iconic Japanese brand Visvim began producing incredible patchwork jackets and their legendary FBT moccasins (with patchwork flaps) all the way back in 2001. And who could forget Kanye’s culture-shifting patchwork LV Dons in 2009? Sure, they're not patchwork in the traditional sense but they're important nonetheless. 

These uniuqe garmets constructed with abstract patterns and materials have enjoyed the beginnings of a resurgance in popularity over the last few years as streetwear fully broke out of the monochromatic, all-black everything look that consumed 2011-2013. Since then, louder colors, wild patterns, and uniqueness have become the norm… and patchwork offers all three of those things in droves.

 The first patchwork pieces that began making noise recently were Supreme’s patchwork anorak jacket and pants, released in their F/W ’16 collection. Both have became some of the most highly sought-after items from the season, and have been spotted on everyone from Playboi Carti (pictured at the top of this article) to Nick Young.


And that’s just the tip of the multi-colored patchwork iceberg. Supreme released not one, but two patchwork hoodies in their first drop of the F/W ’17 season, one bright-colored and reminiscent of late 80’s-early 90’s style (pictured above), and one slightly more toned-down, featuring more earth tones and pastel colors.

Palace has also followed suit with patchwork rugbys, pants, and button-up shirts as part of their own F/W ’16 drop, and they've seemingly worked at least one or two patchwork pieces into every collection and exclusive drop since then

Patchwork is not just for the big guns either, as Supreme and Palace aren’t the only streetwear brands showing their love for the trend. New York's own Noah recently released an absolutely teriffic patchwork jacket and pants (which you may have seen at our block party) as part of their own F/W ’17 collection, Nigo's Human Made just unveiled a spectacular patchwork hat, and patchwork flannels have found a place in the recent collections of many brands, from streetwear to high-fashion houses.

It’s early in the season, but it’s not hard to tell that patchwork is here to stay. Behind the recent push from Supreme, one of the most influential brands in the world of street culture, clever pieces from other brands in the same sphere, and the current craze for anything loud, flashy and unique, don’t be surprised if you see patchwork everywhere you look in a few mere months.

And when you do … just remember one thing: you heard that patchwork would blow up here first.


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