OFF-WHITE And Nike Are Poised To Take Over Summer '17

OFF-WHITE And Nike Are Poised To Take Over Summer '17

Posted by Ross Dwyer on

Virgil Abloh has come a long way. From being associated with Kanye West and aiding in his creative process, to creating Pyrex Vision in 2014 to shelving it after only one year to start OFF-WHITE, a revolutionary mix between streetwear and high fashion that seems to get better year after year, he's left his stamp on the culture in an undeniable fashion ... and what he's got in store for summer 2017 just might be his best work yet. 

OFF-WHITE is collaborating with Nike, and they're not just doing the standard "1-pair-and-done" collaboration dance. They're releasing 10 (yes, 10) shoes, from a VaporMax to a Jordan I to a Jordan III to an Air Force I Low to a Blazer and more (they're doing apparel as well). The 4 listed are the 4 pairs that have been officially confirmed to release, but we'll likely see more announcements in the coming weeks as the rollout for the collaborative effort continues. Here's a list of all 10 pairs that are supposedly dropping, courtesy of SHOF.

This is set to be a big summer for Nike. There's two times of the year that most sneaker brands bring the big guns out, the holiday season and the summer. With the hype surrounding any and all limited Air Max currently, and the extensive OFF-WHITE collaborative effort (Virgil is a master at building hype ... think he might have learned a few things from his good friend Kayne?), it's looking like they're set to have the industry goin' nuts, as Paul Wall might say.  

This certainly isn't the first time that Nike has collaborated with a hyped-up brand this year (just look at the madness caused by the release of the VLONE Air Force I's), but this just may be the first time ever that they've let a brand have so much free reign to work on their products in a collaborative effort. 10 pairs is a lot of shoes, in one season especially. There's brands that have been working with Nike for years and years, and haven't done 10 shoes, so the opportunity that's been afforded to OFF-WHITE here is quite unique.

We'll have to wait and see what other shoes are releasing, and what the official dates are set to be, as there's not a whole lot of solid info yet (they're just building the hype train currently), but we've got a feeling that it just might be a Nike/OFF-WHITE dominated summer. Get your inner hypebeast ready. 


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