Nike Is Pushing The Air Force 1 To The Forefront Of Cool Again

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Supreme x Comme Des Garcons SHIRT AF1
The Air Force 1. One of the most iconic (if not THE most iconic) Nike sneakers ever. Originally released in 1982 as a basketball shoe, the Air Force 1 has transcended the basketball court and became a cultural juggernaut in its 30+ years of existence. From being rapped about by Nelly to being the most collectable & desired shoe of the early 00's to being lovingly referred to as "Uptowns", "G Fazos" and more by the general public, it's a shoe that's lived a lot of lives. 
However, in the past couple years it fell from its lofty "cool guy shoe" status. Sure, it still took up prime space on retail shelves and sold like hotcakes, but it lost its X factor. It was no longer the dope, fashionable shoe that it once was ... it was the shoe that was preferred by the type of folks that wear acid-washed biker jeans and imitation Versace T-shirts. It just wasn't fashion-forwards anymore, and looked as if it may never return to its former glory.
Vlone AF1
Thankfully, Nike has given the Air Forces a much needed shot of adrenaline recently that's sent them roaring back to the forefront of cool ... and it's come in the way of a multitude of high-end collaborations. 
This week's announcement of a new Supreme x Comme Des Garcons SHIRT collab sent the Internet into a frenzy, and what was at the center of the collab? That's right, a brand-new pair of limited Air Force 1's, set to release some time later this month.
For a collaboration that in the past has centered around Vans and Timberlands when it comes to footwear, this is a big deal, and a major coup for the Air Force 1. It's not the first time that the classic shoe has been worked on by a brand/person with a lot of influence (don't forget the Riccardo Tiscis or either of the two previous Supreme collabs), but it is the first time that so many brands/people have had a chance to add their touch to it in such a short amount of time.
Comme Des Garcons AF1
That's right, the most recent Supreme collaboration is just the newest tip of the iceberg. The Air Force 1 that was released in collaboration with A$AP Bari's VLONE has became one of the most desirable shoes of the past few months, as has Nike's Comme Des Garcons Air Force 1's (yes, there's another CDG collaboration that Supreme was not involved in). Teaser images of OFF-WHITE Air Force 1's and more have successfully whipped the Internet into a hyped-up frenzy too. 
OFF-WHITE AF1 sample
It's truly a shining example of a classic saying: "What's old is new again". We've been commenting on the extended thirst for vintage and heritage items in the pages of this blog frequently recently, and all it takes for a classic shoe to get hot nowadays is the right collab. An iconic sneaker like the Air Force 1 combined with today's hottest and most hyped brands? Yeah, that's a great way to bring something back to the forefront of cool. New models like the SF-AF1 and the clean, premium NikeLab releases don't hurt either.
Nike's got a lot of gas behind their heritage models with the success of Air Max Day and the hype behind the new Air Force 1's ... and it doesn't appear that they'll be slowing down any time soon.
What do you think about the resurgence of the Air Force 1? Do you like all the collabs that Nike is cranking out, or do Forces just not do it for you? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.


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