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You love Supreme stickers.

Especially any box logos.

We know this, so we're stoked to let you know that we've refreshed our sticker selection with a massive box logo restock. From holographic jawns to Undercover collabs and more, we've got you covered. Check out all the new heat below, and if you think one would look perfect on your laptop or bumper, click on the image to go right to the product page! Let the bogo madness begin.

3M Reflective Box Logo

At first glance, this jawn might look like a regular box logo sticker ... but it's more than that. It's the classic box logo drenched in that good reflective 3M sauce. 3M adds just enough flash to anything (pun intended), and that's certainly the case here. 


Mendini Orange Box Logo

Supreme's collaboration with legendary Italian architect/designer Alessandro Mendini was one of the high points of the F/W 16 line, and the box logo stickers are a must-have. This orange jawn is bright, abstract, and playful. Fine work, Mr. Mendini.

Mendini Pink Box Logo

Did we mention that we've got the pink Mendini box logo sticker as well? Still loud and colorful but slightly less out there than the orange version, you'll be able to cop them both and complete your set. 

Undercover Box Logo

The Supreme/Undercover collab was arguably the best collab of 2016, and one of the most stand-out pieces was the coach's jacket with the all-over medieval print. Thankfully that same print found its way to the iconic box logo sticker, and thankfully we've got that sticker on deck for you. 

Supreme/Undercover Black Box Logo

 Medieval imagery not really your kind of thing? We feel it. Still want an Undercover collab sticker? We feel that too. Thankfully we've got a black bogo with the legendary all-over middle finger print. This one's an attention grabber.

Supreme/Undercover Red Box Logo

Need that middle finger print in the classic white/red colorway? We've got you covered on that end too. We told you the restock was real. 

War Report Box Logo

Pay homage to classic 90's NY hip-hop with the War Report box logo. Even if you don't know what T.O.N.Y. stands for (alright, we'll tell you ... it's Top Of New York), you'll be killing the game with this bogo.


Check our our full sticker selection here (we've got plain OG bogos, sparkly bogos, Gucci Mane stickers and plenty of other great options too), hit us up on Twitter and let us know what your favorite Supreme sticker is, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire photos you can handle.


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