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There's no doubt about it, being a sneakerhead is an all-consuming lifestyle. From copping your kicks, to rocking your kicks, to trading your kicks, to selling your kicks, to cleaning your kicks and more ... there's always something for you to be doing, and as much as we love it, we also know it can get quite tiring sometimes (it's clearly taken a toll on our friend above).

So today we're bringing you ten great sneakerhead life hacks to make your life just a little easier. Don't worry, these aren't obvious things like "clean your shoes" or "waterproof your shoes" (though we do have both cleaner and waterproofer available in-store if you're in need of either) ... these are fun tips and tricks that you may have not thought of before. Let's get right to it. 

1. Put Em' On Before You Lace Em' Up

Our first life hack kicks in (pun totally intended) before you even actually wear your shoes. There's few things more annoying than getting a crispy new pair from the store, being excited to rock them ... and then having to lace them up perfectly. The initial lace-up is very important, and if you do it wrong you'll be fiddling with the laces till kingdom come. 

An easy way to solve this is to simply slip the shoes on and then lace them up while they're on your feet. It's easy to get that perfect fit you're looking for as you no longer have to guess how tight or loose they'll be while you're going ... you can just feel for yourself. Simple, yet brilliant. 

2. Left Shoe Only While Driving

Creases suck. We understand, they're part of the game ... but anyone who says they're not at least a little sad when they see that first crease is flat-out lying. You probably already know about Sneaker Shields and Force Fields (why does "sneaker shields and force fields" sound like the title of a Wale mixtape?), but another little thing you can do is take your right shoe off while driving and replace it with a sandal (or just go barefoot) so it won't crease when you're mashing the gas or the brakes. Not too tough, right?

3. Keep A Beater Pair In The Whip

While we're on the subject of cars, we'd like to remind you to keep a beater pair in the whip at all times. You never know what kind of shenanigans you're going to get into on any given day, and by keeping a pair of beaters on deck in your car you can save yourself from having to sacrifice a good pair just because your plans took you where your fire kicks could not go. 

4. Replace Your Insoles

Replacing a shoe's insoles for performance purposes is a common move for athletes ... but swapping out insoles for daily casual wear is a good move too. It'll make your shoes fit better and be more comfortable, it'll decrease the stress you put on the midsole by absorbing more shock than stock insoles would, and it keeps the original insoles from getting dirty, so if you decide to flip your kicks after you rock them, you can get a little more back. 

5. Cover Your Logos

Maybe you're not willing to take out the insoles that came in your shoe. That's cool. OG all & all that. We feel it. However, you probably don't want the dope graphic on the heel of your insole to wear off either, do you?

Thankfully, all you need to prevent that from happening is a little bit of packing tape. Grab a scissors and cut out a square piece, then place that piece over the logo and pat it down like you're a TSA agent or overly aggressive security guy. It'll keep your logos looking pristine, and won't affect the fit of your kicks at all. 

6.  A Lint Roll A Day Keeps The Dust Away

It's annoying when your shoes start collecting dust, isn't it? With leather shoes you can simply brush it off, but with kicks that are made out of canvas and other lighter materials, it can become a pretty significant annoyance.

Be like Drizzy and grab a lint roller (non OVO-branded jawns work just fine too). You can roll the dust right off your kicks and keep it pushing. No stress and no dust necessary. 

7. Disposable Razor=No Pilling

So you've got the whole dust thing taken care of, but what if your shoes start pilling? You don't want to be out in these streets looking scruffy, so grab a disposable razor and lightly shave your kicks (just like you'd shave your beard) to remove the pilling. We understand if you're a touch apprehensive about it at first (just like you probably were the first time your shaved your beard), but trust us: they'll look good as new afterwards. It's actually pretty amazing. 

8. Stuff Your Kicks While Traveling

You've gotta bring your heat with you when you travel. That whole one or two pairs of kicks on vacation thing? Nah, son. You're a sneakerhead, and you've gotta have heat on deck, cause every day's gotta be a different flex. The problem with this is very real though: shoes take up a lot of space. Thankfully, it's a problem that can be solved.

Stuff your socks and underwear into your shoes when you travel. It's actually a double whammy: you save space by doing that so you've got more room for kicks, and it'll help your shoes keep their shape and not get smashed in the suitcase. That's two benefits off of one simple action. Can't beat it. 

9. Gum On The Sole? Dial Down The Temperature 

Most of us love shoes with a gum sole. They're clean, simple, and provide a great contrast with the shoe's upper. None of us love shoes that have gum on the sole. Stepping on gum is a pain in the ass: it's unavoidable, and a hell of a lot of work to get off.

Don't waste your time trying to pick it off while it's fresh though. Just put your shoes on ice ... literally. If you toss them in the freezer long enough for them to get chilled, the gum will harden, and you can pick it off with much more ease. Problem solved. 

10. Baby Powder Stops The Squeaking 

There's few things more annoying than squeaky-ass shoes. You announce your arrival from a mile away, and everyone shoots you a dirty look every time you take a squeaky-ass step. Stop the squeak by tossing a little baby powder in your shoe, both under the insole and on the top. 

We don't know what scientific principal causes this to work ... but damn it, it just does. We haven't squeaked for a single day since we got put on to this tip, and now neither will you. 



Which life hack on this list is your favorite? Do you have any special tricks you use to make your sneakerheading easier? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.


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