Knowledge Reigns Supreme: A Brief History Of Know Wave

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Maybe you've heard the name. Maybe you've listened to their broadcasts. Maybe you've seen the t-shirts and hoodies sported by the likes of Virgil Abloh and Skepta. At the very least, there's a good chance you've seen the logo on the internet somewhere. But what do you know about Know Wave? 
Their backstory (and what they do today) is fascinating, full of cultural heavy-hitters, and a strong supporting community. It's far too interesting of a story to not be shared, so today we're going to briefly tell you about Know Wave, from their origins to what they're currently doing. Get your surfboards ready ... the wave is incoming.
Started in 2012 by Aaron Bonadorff (pictured above), a former Supreme employee and founder of legendary New York Brand aNYthing as well as the co-owner of the Moran Bonadorff art gallery in Los Angeles, Know Wave's aim was to create an international community platform that "promotes expression through music, interviews, publications, and happenings". What's truly incredible is that they managed to do just that. 
Over their 5 years in existence, they've had everyone from Eddie Huang to A$AP Bari featured on their show. They've played Gucci Mane for 2 1/2 hours straight (who doesn't love that?), but also had serious, deep discussions about a plethora of topics. You can really get a wave of knowledge if you tune in (their entire archives are available here), and no two broadcasts are ever the same.
What makes Know Wave so unique is that you can't put a finger on exactly what it is that they do. You can't call them a radio show because they're more than that, having expanded into clothes and art shows. You can't call them event coordinators because they do much more than just throw banger parties that bring out cultural heavy-hitters. If you had to put a label on them, we suppose you could call them a creative incubator.
Know Wave has given artists a chance to express themselves through their radio show (and other platforms), and has created an online platform for any and all types of creativity to flourish. One of their biggest accomplishments is aiding in the creation of No Vacancy Inn, an free-form agency founded by Tremaine "Denim Tears" Emory and Acyde that throws events and pop-up shops around the world (you may have already seen their recent collaboration with VLONE pictured above), and they've also had alumni go on to work on original content for the recently launched Viceland channel. 
We can try our best to pin down exactly what it is that makes Know Wave so dope ... but their nature is so eclectic and so hard to get a handle on without actually doing some personal research that you're better off diving into their archives and seeing what strikes your fancy. Go ahead and hop on the knowledge wave. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.
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