Kanye West's 10 Best Street Style Fits

Kanye West's 10 Best Street Style Fits

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Happy 'Ye day. 

The most influential and important artist of our generation turns 40 today. Ever since 2003, when his first studio album The College Dropout released, Kanye has never been far from the forefront of street culture.

And of course, Ye's known for more than his music. His style and overall knowledge of fashion is second to none. He's turned heads at performances and award shows all over the world for the past decade-plus, no matter if he was rocking Polo, Givenchy, or his own YEEZY gear. Whatever he does is fresh and unique, and the industry tends to follow suit. 

And we must say ... there's no better street style subject than Kanye. You've likely seen all his award show outfits, so today in honor of his 40th birthday, we're taking you off the stage and onto the streets by bringing you his 10 best street style fits, from 2013-2017. No high-end award show outfits, no on-stage costumes, just 'Ye out in these streets, getting fits off like it's his job. Let's get it. 

Honorable Mention

Sometimes less is more, and old is new. The faded black of the vintage Tupac tee and pants contrasts wonderfully with the bright white military boots. The tucked gold chain adds a nice little extra bit of flair to the fit too. 


Let's face it: Kanye just might be the distressed denim king. The super-high rip on the right leg of the jeans is unique, and the Turtledoves (which we deemed the best 350 Boost of all a few months back) just work with the jacket. The blousy effect given by the oversize white tee makes for a unique silhouette as well.  


 Sometimes simple and clean is the best way to go. A white tee, light jeans, and a nice pair of sneakers (like these Bred I's) is a suitable fit any day of the week, and Kanye adds on a nice flannel, plus a shoulder bag and a hoodie tied around the waist for extra steeze. Leave it to 'Ye to take a simple, classic fit and add the perfect amount of embellishment. 


Kanye and denim go together like Kanye and controversy Like Kanye and McDonalds Like Kanye and ... well, you get the point. This light denim-on-denim getup, complete with a Donda tee (the best piece of Pablo merch) and an unreleased white 350 Boost is a perfect springtime fit. 


 This is how you take a great Supreme piece and make it legendary. 'Ye paired the woodland anorak with slim black denim and a crispy pair of CDP Bred I's. Putting red and green together is not always easy ... but when you do it right, this is what you get. This fit made the woodland camo anorak a grail for Supreme collectors the world around.



We're gonna go ahead and label this a "cultural significance" fit. Kanye rocked this at the Yeezy Season 3/TLOP premiere (still counts as street style), and this was the first time we got a real look at any of the Pablo merchandise (the red longsleeve), and Ye's "Yeezus" dad hat was bootlegged a million times over, but never saw an official release, setting a trend of its own.


The all-black fit with red shoes was a certified cool-kid move at one point in time (around 2013 to be specific), and nobody ever did it better than Kanye (maybe because most couldn't accessorize it with a giant gold chain). And these loud, bright red shoes? They're the Air Max 90 Hyperfuse "Independence Day" pack. They were widely available ... then Kanye wore them, and they sold out. Now they're worth 4 figures. Clout. 


 Getting a summer fit off takes a lot of skill, as you don't have a lot of layering options when the temperature rises. Kanye lets his Just Don shorts (a summer must-have) do the talking here, and throws a sweatshirt over his neck without actually pulling it on for an interesting, abstract look that also makes sure he won't be too toasty. 


 The "I don't care" look is tougher to pull off than you may think, and 'Ye did a wonderful job of it here. The vintage Harley tee, baggy track pants, and zebra V2's (the only "I really do care" piece in the outfit) look fresh no matter if he's going to the grocery store, or just driving 90 miles to whoop ass like Matt Barnes. 


 There's right and wrong ways to wear Supreme, and a fit like this is definitely one of the right ways. If not rocked correctly, a box logo can overpower an outfit just because of the sheer hype it induces, but Kanye wisely opted for a black-on-black tee to match his black denim and black 750's (another hyped item). The scotch plaid flannel overshirt and gold chain are great accents too. 


 It takes a lot of skill and taste to mix high and low, the kind of skill and taste most mere mortals don't possess. Thankfully we're not talking about a mere mortal here ... we're talking about Yeezus himself. The Rothco boots are around $50, and the Raf Simons bomber jacket is around a hundred times that (look it up and see for yourself), but they work together beautifully. Leave it to a mad genius like Kanye to cook something of this caliber up. His best street style fit of the past several years, hands down. 


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