FRESH VEGGIES: Holiday 16' Carrots Available Now!

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It's a week full of fire holiday jawns here at Piff. New V/SUAL hit the shelves a few days ago ... and today we're super gassed to announce that our favorite pieces from the Carrots By Anwar Carrots Holiday 16' collection available now! From socks to long-sleeve shirts to a hooded coach's jacket (!) and more, the collection has got something for everyone. 
Check out a quick rundown on some of the pieces we've got in stock right here ... and if anything catches your eye, you can click on the image to head right to the product page!
Hooded Coach's Jacket
We'd be willing to bet that you don't have anything quite like this hooded coach's jacket in your wardrobe. It's a great outer shell for any winter outfit, and is light enough that you can rock it all spring & summer as well. An extremely versatile, unique piece.
Logo LS T-Shirt
You didn't think we'd bring in some new Carrots without grabbing an orange jawn or two, did you? The Logo LS is bright, bold, and guaranteed to turn a lot of heads. Orange will be the next big wave in our community (yes, we're calling it), so you might want to go ahead and get down now. 
Wordmark LS T-Shirt
We couldn't only bring you one longsleeve ... we had to get two. If you want something a little more muted, the Wordmark longlseeve is the shirt for you. A dark forest green is always a winner in the colder months. 
Deer Dana "I Don't Carrot All" Tee
Deer Dana has featured everyone from Jay-Z to Jonah Hill wearing her tees ... and now she's lending her touch to Carrots. The hand-drawn carrot on the front and humorous message scrawled on the back make for one of the more unique tees of this year. 
Deer Dana Tote 
We liked the Deer Dana tee so much that we had to bring you the matching tote bag too. What more needs to be said?
Wordmark Weekend Tote
Sometimes when you're on the go, a backpack doesn't cut it. You need a little extra room, but you don't want to lug around a duffle bag. That's where a tote like this one comes in. It's got a zipper and a small pouch on the inside too ... so it's more handy and versatile than most other tote bags you'll find.
What would an order be without some fly-ass socks? If you've got a fire fit on, you've gotta have some fresh socks too to complete your look. Apart from the orange striped socks pictured above, we've also got navy stripes, navy, orange, and white
Stop through the shop and check out all the new Carrots By Anwar Carrots in person! Hit us with any questions on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire photos you can handle.

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