Egg Hunt: 10 Great Hidden Sneaker Easter Eggs

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There's not much that's better than an easter egg. 
No, we're not talking about the plastic eggs you'd hunt for in your backyard as a child (although those are pretty great too). We're talking about hidden details, messages, and meanings on sneakers, ranging from the obvious and well-known to the hidden and secretive. So here's our Easter gift to you: ten great sneaker easter eggs. Let the hunt begin. 
KG's Tribute
In 2000, Kevin Garnett's Timberwolves teammate and best friend Malik Sealey was killed in a collision with a drunk driver while he was heading home from KG's birthday party. Every year since, KG had "2 Malik" embroidered on his shoes. Sometimes it was in plain sight on the tongue, sometimes it was hidden under a leather flap on the midfoot, but the tribute to his lost friend was always there. 
Curry's Religion
Steph Curry's religious beliefs are well-known, and on his third signature shoe the outsole featured Morse code that when translated referenced Romans 8:28, a famous Bible verse. Another Morse code message on the shoe spelled out "Integrity".
Illuminated ... Illuminati?
Jordan Brand was very worried about fakes of the Jordan 21 hitting the market, so they adorned it with a secret stamp of authenticity. When viewed under a black light, a message appears on the circle that adorns the ankle collar, and when the capitalized letters from that message are put together, they'd spell out "Authentic". How's that for a legit check?
2013 was a banner year for the Jordan V, and every Jordan V released during those 12 months was adorned with an embossed TWENTYTHIRTEEN inside the shoe. If your pair doesn't have that, we've got some bad news for you ... it's not legit. 
Lucky Number 7
You probably own a pair of Jordan VII's. You've definitely seen the infamous shield logo that adorns the heel. But did you know that there's actually a number 7 hidden in the shield logo? Take a close look and you'll see. 
Take These Broken Wings
The black paint on the Jordan XII "Wings" scratches off with wear to reveal a gold pattern underneath. This isn't really a true Easter egg as Jordan Brand actively marketed it in the lead-up to the release ... but it's still a pretty cool hidden detail. 
Fingerprint On The Feet
It doesn't take a whole lot of thought to realize that the Jordan 23's outsole design was inspired by a fingerprint, but you may not know that the fingerprint was actually
MJ's, slightly altered for identity protection purposes. 
Sixteen Dashes
The Jordan XVI is mostly covered by its large leather shroud, but there's a cool secret detail that's hidden right in plain sight on the midsole: the "Jordan" hit is made up of exactly sixteen dots and dashes. 
Blaze Up
One of the most famous SB's of all time, the marijuana-inspired Nike Dunk "Skunk" designed by Todd Bratrud released on 4/20, and instantly became a cult classic. Everything from the material to the colorway to the insoles scream out their influence, and Todd himself even said he's not sure how the release made it to shelves (Nike wasn't as open-minded at the time). 
Keep A Stash
Everyone needs a stash pocket to carry something around every so often, and Riccardo Tisci understands this. The tongue of his recently-released Air Max 97's zips open to reveal a large stash pocket, where you can put anything you need to stealthily transport. 
What's your favorite hidden detail/feature/easter egg on a pair of kicks? Is it something on our list here, or something else entirely? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.


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