Debunking 5 Common Sneaker Myths

Debunking 5 Common Sneaker Myths

Posted by Ross Dwyer on


The sneaker game: a culture full of myths, tall tales and urban legends. Everyone's got their own stories, and everyone has their own superstitions and quirks. That's part of what makes the game so fun: it's unique, and everyone has their own take on it. 

However, there are certain sneaker myths that are just flat-out false. We're here today to do our best Mythbusters impersonation, and fully smash these unsubstatiated rumors to improve your sneakerhead experience Let's get right to it.


OG's Aren't Wearable

There's nothing quite like a pair of OG's. Having the original version of a classic sneaker is a great collector's piece ... but a lot of sneakerheads seem to believe that they're not wearable. Thankfully, this isn't always true. The rule of thumb when it comes to wearing OG's is as follows: If they're deadstock, it's a no-go. If they've already been worn ... then they're good to go. 

You may be wondering why. Fair question. If an OG is deadstock, the glue in it never had a chance to set and it's hardened over the years so it'll fall apart because it never got broken in. If it has been worn, then the glue had a chance to set in with wear, and they're street-ready (although you still want to be careful). 

You've Gotta Keep Your Heat On Ice


Too many people believe that if you pick up a fire pair, you absolutely have to stock it and wear it later. We disagree. What's the point of owning a great pair of shoes if you're never going to wear them? We understand keeping a few heaters in the vault, but you should wear your heat early and often. You'll look good, feel good and turn heads ... and we can guarantee you that won't happen if you stash your shoes in the back of your closet. 

The Only Good Jordans Are I-XIV

We know, we know. The "best" Jordans are the I through the XIV. They have the most history, the best design, blah blah blah. Although we do agree that the earlier Jordans are typically the best, the line of thought that no Jordans after the XIV's are worth wearing is just blatantly incorrect.

The XVII's? The XXI's? The XXIII's? All heaters. Sure, there might not be as much history or nostalgia behind them, but they're all great pairs in their own right, and deserve a spot in anyone's rotation. Who wouldn't want to wear something you don't see every day? 

It's Only Heat If It Resells

Sometimes a shoe's resell value will determine if it's dope or not. Newsflash: just because something's valuable doesn't automatically make it dope. Sure, the allure of a rare and expensive pair is very real (believe us, we get it), but that does't mean a shoe that didn't sell out instantly or isn't reselling for $400+ isn't worthy of your time or can't be really dope.

If it's a clean shoe, then it's a clean shoe regardless of the hype around it, and if you want to rock it, then rock it. Heat is heat, and there's heat available at a lot of price points. 

Dirty Shoes Are Always Bad

 We're all about clean kicks. You've gotta make an effort to keep your kicks crispy, but sometimes they will get dirty with wear (they're made to be worn after all), and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Certain shoes like the CDG Converse pictured above, SK8-Hi's, Old Skools, Stan Smiths and Air Force 1's look a little better with some grit and grime on them. It adds character, and helps them tell a story. Try beating up one or two of your pairs. You'll enjoy it more than you might initially think. 


What other sneaker myths do you think should be debunked? Were you ever guilty of believing any of the myths on this list (if so, we're not judging)? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire photos you can handle.