Dad Steez: Chunky Retro Runners Are Poised To Be The Next Big Thing

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Yeezy Calabasas Runner
Let's face it: trends in the sneaker world can be quite strange sometimes. It takes the littlest thing, like the right celebrity wearing a certain model or style of shoe, or one terrific marketing campaign (of which we've been witness to plenty of the last few years) to set off a whole new trend in today's sneaker culture ... and we may just be staring down one of the strangest ones yet this spring and summer : chunky, bulky, retro runners
Kith x Asics Gel Diablo
Yes, that's right. Shoes that look like something your dad may have worn while mowing the lawn or shouting at you from the bleachers during your sporting events back in the day are on the cusp of becoming the biggest trend in the footwear industry. You may be scratching your head wondering why. Understandable. Let us break it down for you quickly. 
For starters, the vintage wave that we discuss so often here on the Piff blog has shown no signs of slowing down. Trends fizzle and die out as quickly as they come to light, but apparently 90's nostalgia is more than a trend, as the vintage look has managed to remain hot for much longer than other recent trends (i.e. rock tees). That trend has mainly consisted of apparel to this point, but as these bulky, chunky running shoes offer a retro vibe that's straight out of the 90's, we're of the opinion that they're next up. 
Yeezy Calabasas Runner
You also can't discount the power of sheer hype and a good co-sign in 2017. Remember how we said at the beginning of the article that all it takes is the right celebrity wearing something new and different to kick a new trend off? The man above wearing the chunky adidas you've seen is none other than Kanye West, the most influential person in our world today (not up for debate) co-signing the trend. Let's be real: when it's someone the stature of Kanye rocking something like this, that's really all it takes to make it hot. 
Nike Air Max 97
And although it's not as directly correlated to the trend as the two reasons above, we'd bet the recent resurgence of the Air Max (have you ever seen so much fanfare surrounding Air Max Day before? Yeah, neither have we) may just have something to do with it. Classic Air Max models are about as 90's as it gets, and although some pairs like the Air Max 97 aren't quite as bulky as other retro runners, they do fall in the same vein, and we'd bet that they're helping fuel the hype whether they know it or not. 
Nike Air Monarch
So don't be surprised if you see chunky running shoes at the bottom of many a pair of slim-cut jeans this summer. It may take some getting used to ... but hey, at least it's something different, right? As long as you're expressing yourself with your kicks, it's always a victory ... even if you just wanna rock your dad's old Air Monarchs one or two times for the culture. 
What do you think of the chunky retro runner trend? Is it something that you can get down with, or are the shoes just too bulky and odd for you? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.


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