Carrots By Anwar Available Now!!

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Here at Piff, we pride ourselves on only stocking the freshest and most innovative brands we can find. We want to keep you ahead of the curve and in new, exclusive gear ... so we're extremely happy to announce we've added Carrots by Anwar to our brand list.
Not familiar with the brand or Anwar? Here's a quick backstory. he came up in the mid-00’s Fairfax Avenue talent incubator that also gave us Dom Kennedy, Tyler, The Creator and the rest of the Odd Future crew, Casey Veggies, and many more. Anwar was originally part of Peas and Carrots, a creative company he shared with his friends and business partners Josh Peas and Casey Veggies … but when Casey trademarked the Peas & Carrots brand without Josh and Anwar, effectively cutting them out, Anwar stuck out on his own.
His solo efforts clearly draw inspiration from the brands he grew up around (The Hundreds, Diamond, etc), but they’ve got a unique flavor that’s truly all their own. The graphics are clean and bold, the aesthetic is very Fairfax, and the attention to detail is evident.
Carrots is a leader in the new wave of streetwear, having been co-signed by everyone from Lil Yachty to Madentyo to Cousin Stizz (a Piff favorite). They're only going up from here, so now's as good of a time as any to hop on the Carrots bandwagon! Come through the store to check out all the new pieces pictured in this article and more (if you like anything you see you can click on the product image to purchase it) .. and stay tuned to our blog for articles and store news!

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