BRRRR! The Gucci Mane x Supreme Tee Is Real, And It's Dropping Tomorrow

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Here at Piff, we love Supreme (obviously), and we love Gucci Mane. We've been devout Guwop fans ever since Trap House back in 2005, so you already know we loved it when Supreme released a Harmony Korine-dirrected short film (they first worked together on 2012's Spring Breakers)  starring Gucci before the first release of the F/W '16 collection. 
After the release of the video, the Internet went nuts with speculation that Supreme would be releasing one of their legendary photo tees with none other than Gucci himself as the subject .. but nothing solid came out of those rumors until this morning, when Supreme announced that they would indeed be releasing a Gucci photo tee in multiple colors.
Needless to say, that's all anyone's been talking about today. The collision of a legendary brand and a legendary rapper has everyone (rightfully) excited. They're releasing in black, grey, white, yellow, dark green, navy, light blue, and purple and will retail for $44. As seen above, the shirts have a large image of Gucci printed on the front, with his signature on both the front and back. 
The tees are simple and clean with just enough of Gucci's signature flair and charisma ... and for our money, they might just be the best item so far this season. So throw on some classic Gwuop mixtapes to get in the right mindset ... and be sure to get ready for the chaos that's sure to ensue tomorrow morning.
Which color of the Gucci tee will you be shooting for? Do you have a favorite Gucci project? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to check our Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.

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