Banging On Our Chest: New Bape Tees Available Now

Banging On Our Chest: New Bape Tees Available Now

Posted by Ross Dwyer on


Here at Piff, we pride ourself on listening to our customers. We want to make sure you're the flyest person in your circle, and we aim to always have all your fashion needs covered. 

Recently, we've been asked for Bape tees a lot. No matter if it's an ape face tee or a classic logo tee, the demand for Bape is high. We understand. You want to bang on your chest just like the Ape himself. It's totally logical ... and you don't even have to hate Supreme to do it, despite what the Ape might have you believe.

Well, you're in luck: we've got a whole new batch of Bape tees available, from M-XXL (if you wear XXL, you already know hard of a size it is to find when it comes to Bape)

 And it's not just one color or one design either. Tiger camo? Got it. College logo tees? Got those too. Big ape head tees? Check. No matter what your preference is, we've got something that you're sure to love ... and you'll be able to ensure that no matter where you are, the Ape won't catch you slipping. He's mobile nowadays if you didn't know.

So stop by the shop (1506 Como Ave SE), or hit our webstore to get your Bape tee game super right. We'll let you in on a special secret too: all the tees are included on this weekend's sale (check here for sale details). That's right, there's no better time than now to cop. Get fresh now, and thank us for the oop later.

Much love.