Streetwear's Finest Congregate At The Agenda Show

Streetwear's Finest Congregate At The Agenda Show

Posted by Ross Dwyer on

Trade shows are an important part of the streetwear industry. They give everyone who's involved, from buyers, to boutiques, to news sources a chance to congregate and find out about the latest and greatest products from the best brands in the industry. 

There's  no show bigger than Agenda, founded by Aaron Levant, who's been referred to as the "Professor X of streetwear". What started as a humble show with 30 brands in 2003 (when Levant was only 19 years old) has quickly evolved into a giant, multiple-day event with heavy hitter brands in the dozens (and over 1000 brands total who travel from all over the world to attend the convention) displaying their latest wares. 

Agenda typically takes place 3 times a year, once in Long Beach, once in Miami, and once in Las Vegas. Every event is a great chance to meet new people in the industry, create, network, and establish lasting friendships and business partnerships. The combination of new goods and great people is always an enthralling combination, and is part of the reason that Agenda has remained at the forefront of trade shows for over a decade.

Piff will be at Agenda 2016 in Las Vegas later this month, picking up even more great brands to add to our selection. Be sure to stay tuned for updates and news directly from the convention!