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Hallmark SZN is upon us. That's right, Valentine's Day is fast approaching (next Wednesday to be precise), and if you're like us (which we're betting you are), getting a gift hasn't even crossed your mind yet. 
That's understandable. Yeezy SZN is about to be upon us again. We're all waiting with baited breath for more info on the Supreme S/S 17 drop. There's a lot going on (word to Vic Mensa). 
However, you don't want to put your Valentine's day shopping off forever, or you'll be rushing to the grocery store on the 14th to cop some wilted-ass flowers and some stale Russel Stover chocolates for your significant other. You don't wanna be that guy, do you? Even if you're Skip Baeless this Valentine's day,  we've got something for you, and we're here to help.
 We've compiled a list of the best Valentine's gifts for any sneaker nut or fashion lover, both male and female, and we've even included links so you can get right to the copping. Put down the Sweet Tarts, throw away your tacky-ass cards, and peep these jawns. Valentine's day has never been so lit. 
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Ursus x Bape Beer Glass Set
No matter if your significant other is partial to beer, Kool-Aid, that mud or just ice-cold water, this set of two Ursus x Bape beer glasses is a fantastic gift. Sip in style, not in squalor. 
Supreme Green Velvet Polka Trooper Hat
If your bae's love isn't quite enough to keep you warm in the winter months (it is pretty damn cold out after all), this fur-lined green velvet trooper hat should get you those few extra degrees of warmth you need to stay toasty. Cozy boys year round. 
Supreme/Hanes Black Boxer Briefs
Let's keep it a buck here: most people hate buying underwear for themselves. Therefore, underwear is automatically a great gift. Someone needs something and won't get it for themselves? Just go ahead and get it for them. You'll practically be making dollars with all the sense you'll be making giving these jawns as a gift. 
Supreme/Daniel Johnson Black "I Love You" Tee
Ok, ok. Maybe putting this shirt on the list is reaching for the low-hanging fruit, but we're nothing if not opportunistic. A T-shirt that says "I love you" on the front as a Valentine's day gift? Yeah, that's an easy winner. Plus it's Supreme, and you already know whoever you're buying for loves Supreme, or they'd probably be asking you for an American Eagle gift card.
Supreme/Simpson Street Bandit Helmet
We've saved the best for last. The holy grail. The hypebeast equivalent of two dozen freshly cut roses delivered with a bow. The Supreme/Simpson motorcycle helmet. Sure, it may cost a pretty penny, but so do roses ... and this helmet won't wilt away and look ugly two weeks from now when Valentine's day is a distant memory. Consider it an investment. 
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