Hitting The Slopes with "Tow Up Throw Down" Shred Series

Hitting The Slopes with "Tow Up Throw Down" Shred Series

Posted by Jake Riehle on

The shred series "Tow Up Throw Down" is coming up on their 3rd season taking it to the slopes and providing a jam format competition on all the best tow rope equipped terrain parks in the midwest.

The series entertains riders from skiers, snowboarders, and now with the help of Hovland Snowskates they will also be able to provide snowskates to the mix as yet another way to keep the competition on the rise.

It all dates back to the first competition ever, hosted at Elm Creek on December 21, 2013. Beginning with the support of The University of Minnesota, Duluth Snowboard Club, Three Rivers Park Reserve, Trolllhaugen, and Mont Du Lac Recreation, the series made its rounds the past two years at three of the most respected terrain parks in the region.

This year Tow Up Throw Down will be venturing throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin to hit an extensive 8 stop series geared towards nearly every type and style of winter sports enthusiast in the land of tow ropes and street riders.

The hills include Trollhaugen, Wild Mountain, Elm Creek, Afton Alps, Buck Hill, Andes Tower Hills, Mont Du Lac, and Spirit Mountain with local support from PIFFmpls, Pinewskis Boardshop, Zombie Boardshop, Faction Boardshop, and Damage Duluth.

PIFFmpls will provide exclusive support at three of the eight stops as well as release an authentic Tow Up Throw Down x PIFFmpls six panel and beanie line. The first stop to make a mark will be at Trollhaugen for a preseason jam on Saturday, November 21 shortly proceeding with Wild Mountain on Saturday, December 5. For anyone that is not yet aware, Trollhaugen and Wild Mountain are the original hills to get the season started well before any other facility in the area.

Swing out to any of the stops for a chance to show off your original shred style, and win cash and prizes from the best support in the industry.

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Illustration by: Joe Neumann Designs