Higher Views & Good Vibes: Trinh “Sunrise Suite” Official Video

Posted by Jake Riehle on

“Sunrise Suite” came from many sources of Trinh’s previous exposure. Starting with the beat, his day one accomplice Amos, engineered this original track throughout what you could call the development of “Trinhsition”.

With their previous project LLGE in the rears, this never before seen single reveals a similar pop style with the new found inspiration for the “high life” post grad had to offer.

The video is rooted in Trinh’s final semester of college. Some of the first music video’s filmed “LLGE, and “Love It” were shot from self proclaimed dreamer Hunter Gulan at University of Minnesota Duluth, which is where Trinh also studied.

After these first videos were completed, the visual monster was accepted into Columbus School of Film in LA. Now, years studying film, and previous experience working with Trinh, it pushed Gulan to test unfamiliar waters with this video.

His new territory and new brand “HG Films” based out of LA, recently welcomed Trinh to the golden coast to put their music and lens crafting to the test once again.

From some of the most exclusive places in LA, and a concept born in the suburbs of Minneapolis, “Sunrise Suite” is sure to play a big role in the next phase of Trinh’s rhythmic career.

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