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In 2003, Pharrell Williams partnered with Japanese fashion icon Nigo to launch two premium menswear collections:BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB and ICECREAM. Following the mantra "wealth is of the heart and mind, not of the pocket,"BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB was created to shake up the connoisseurs of contemporary menswear.
In 2015, HAPPY SOCKS collaborates with BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB to release unisex socks and men's underwear. Wear HAPPY SOCKS' famous designs with three of the iconic BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB patterns designed by legendary Japanese artist SK8THING: Starfield, Diamond and Dollar and Classic Helmet.
The HAPPY SOCKS X BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB items will be available for sale separately or combined in an exclusive box set. The box set packaging features an exclusive all-over holographic print on white background.