Know the Drop: Supreme x Black Sabbath SS16

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As we all know Supreme recently collaborated with the band Black Sabbath for the drop that happened this past Thursday (3/31/16). After going online and reading some of the feedback of various "Preme Fiends" it was clear that a lot of people aren't familiar with this band and what exactly they did to the music industry in the 70's and throughout the 80's. Sabbath was the counter-culture to the counter-culture of their time period. They produced a sound that was dark and ominous, not something that was really popular in the Flower-Power years. Being from Birmingham, England a cold, rainy...

This AirBnB Is Designed Specifically For Netflix & Chill

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By Chris Danforth   Nothing kills the Airbnb vibe quite like tucking into a session of Netflix & Chill without branded bedsheets. Part art project, part rentable listing, this New York space in the West Village comes complete with a custom bedset, fully-stocked mini-bar unit, roof-mounted HD projector connected with Apple TV, and even surround sound speakers so you can fully get in the zone during Narcos marathons. The listing is a collaborative project between artists ART404 and Tom Galle, and can be booked for $415 per night through Airbnb. For more wacky accommodations, maybe this gamer hotel in Amsterdam...

Searching for Wiz Khalifa's Cool Pants: An In-Depth Investigation

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BY STEVE DOOL, GREGORY BABCOCK   Kanye image via adidas / Khalifa image via Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Billboard In the Twitter rampage heard 'round the world, Kanye West went in on hard on Wiz Khalifa this afternoon, clapping back at Khalifa's accusations that 'Ye stole the title of his forthcoming album, WAVES, from the concept made famous by Max B. Kanye covered a lot of ground and deleted most of what he tweeted—including shots he took at Khalifa's music for being corny and a brutal jab about his kid—but nothing instantly caught the attention of the internet like his tweet about Wiz' pants and...

These Are the Movies Bill Clinton Watched During His Presidency

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BY KEISHA HATCHETT Image via Center for American Progress Action Fund/Flickr Being president isn’t just doom and gloom politics. The Head of State post comes with a few perks like having your movie viewing habits meticulously recorded. With such a thing on file, Paleofuture’s Matt Novak obtained a list of movies Bill Clinton watched during his presidency thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. What he found was that Clinton watched a total of 171 films (that we know of), which is lax compared to 363 by Ronald Reagan, 403 by Jimmy Carter and a whopping 528 by Richard Nixon,...