Debunking 5 Common Sneaker Myths

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  The sneaker game: a culture full of myths, tall tales and urban legends. Everyone's got their own stories, and everyone has their own superstitions and quirks. That's part of what makes the game so fun: it's unique, and everyone has their own take on it.  However, there are certain sneaker myths that are just flat-out false. We're here today to do our best Mythbusters impersonation, and fully smash these unsubstatiated rumors to improve your sneakerhead experience Let's get right to it.   OG's Aren't Wearable There's nothing quite like a pair of OG's. Having the original version of a...

Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 13

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Lucky #13. We're back (for the first time in 2017!). The 13th edition of Staff Pick Saturday, the bi-weekly series in which the Piff staff (a sartorially inclined group of individuals unlike any other) shares their favorite items available in-store and online right now is upon us. Check out what we're feeling this week ... and if you see anything you like, you can click on the product image to cop. Let's get right to the jawns. Billy-Carrots Wordmark Coffee Mug I've gotta start my day off with a scalding hot mug of coffee, and since our slogan is "No Time...

KAWS: A Collaborative Sneaker Biography

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KAWS: the most important street artist of our generation. From his legendary Companion figures to his masterful pop-culture inspired paintings to his vinyl "Companion" figures made in tandem with Medicom, to his myriad of collaborations with street culture heavy hitters (Supreme and Bape to name a few) to his own brand Original Fake (R.I.P.), KAWS has had a hand in some of the most legendary art and design of the last decade-plus.  Not familiar with the legend? Here's the Cliff's Notes version of his backstory: born Brian Donnelly in 1974, he graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New...

Lil Yachty And Nautica: A Match Made In Maritime Heaven

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New year. New jawns. New partnerships. The first big streetwear news of 2017 arrived last week: Lil Yachty has been appointed a "creative designer" at Nautica.  We've gotta say: it's a partnership that makes a lot of sense. Nautica has always made clothes "inspired by the sea, designed in the city" (their own words), and Lil Yachty's nautical name and squad (the Sailing Team) work together just off the strength of their brand names. However, the relationship goes deeper than nautical names and themes. Yachty has expressed his love and admiration for Nautica in the past, and they've even worked...

A1 Footwear Marketing: The Very Best Sneaker Ads Of All Time

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Sneaker companies spend a ton of money on advertising and marketing. They hire agencies who profess themselves as the best and brightest marketers in the world to create content that appeals to their target audiences. It’s big business and has spawned some truly memorable marketing, especially when it comes to shoes. When you combine the personality and swagger of a world-class athlete or a famous entertainer and a fire pair of shoes with a great marketing campaign, it'll be something that sneakerheads won't forget. We haven't forgotten our favorite commercials, and we love them so much we figured we'd share them...